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What’s wonderful about this DIY Deodorant is that it’s super easy to make and IT WORKS! At the end of the day I take the old whiff test [yup] and I’m still smelling fresh!

What's wonderful about this DIY Deodorant is that it's super easy to make and IT WORKS! At the end of the day I take the old whiff test [yup] and I'm still smelling fresh!

Today I’ve got a recipe for homemade deodorant that I am crazy about. It comes from Amy Karol at The Angry Chicken. Amy is one creative talent. Be sure to check her out.

It’s summer, it’s hot, I sweat and then well, I’m not all sweet smelling roses. Ten years ago I tossed out my anti-perspirant and opted for the deodorant-only route. I didn’t like the thought of applying aluminum and other questionable chemicals to my armpits and, especially, so dangerously close to “the girls.”

The deodorants I have used (Tom’s of Maine and Kiss My Face) have worked so-so. On sweltering days I admit to resorting to my husband’s trusty Old Spice (shhh, and again, more chemicals). Thankfully, I think my Old Spice days are over!

In one of his articles, Dr. Mercola* writes: “Putting chemicals on your skin is actually far worse than ingesting them, because when you eat something the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help break it down and flush it out of your body. When you put these chemicals on your skin, however, they are absorbed straight into your blood stream without filtering of any kind, so there’s no protection against toxins. Instead, they are in large part going directly to your delicate organs.” Furthermore, “It’s been estimated that if you use conventional cosmetics on a daily basis, you can absorb almost 5 pounds of chemicals into your body each year! Many of which have been linked to deadly side effects like cancer.”

My friend, Jane, turned me on to The Angry Chicken and Amy’s dynamite deodorant recipe. What’s wonderful about it is that it’s super easy to make and IT WORKS! At the end of the day I take the old whiff test [yup] and I’m still smelling fresh!

As you can see in these pics, I thought I would attempt to fill an empty Tom’s of Maine deodorant stick with my homemade batch. Voila! It worked!! Here’s how I did it:

I made a half a batch of this recipe. Once the mixture cooled to a thick and creamy consistency, I twisted the empty stick dial all the way down, filled the void with the deodorant mixture, capped it and placed it in the freezer to harden. When I removed it from the freezer I carefully ran it under warm water until the dial twisted up and down freely. I hope you’ll give this one a go! Just be sure to store it in a cool place (not in your gym bag in a hot car!).

What you will need:

3 tablespoons SHEA BUTTER
3 tablespoons BAKING SODA
2 tablespoons CORN STARCH
2 tablespoons COCOA BUTTER (found mine at Whole Foods)
2 VITAMIN E OIL GEL CAPS (puncture and squeeze out the oil)
ESSENTIAL OILS (Amy uses ylang ylang and orange, I used lavender and orange)

Visit The Angry Chicken for all the how-to’s. Amy’s recipe calls for cornstarch—which I did not have—so I used tapioca starch. Mmmhhmm, and no, it did not give me puddin’ pits. I would have used arrowroot starch but I was out of that, too. Oh and heat the mixture on the stove top, NOT in a microwave. Trust me on this one.

While on the topic of skin care, you might find this link informative …

Seven ingredients to avoid in products that you apply to your skin.

*Dr. Mercola seems to have a product for everything and wants you to buy it. He is a marketing genius—taking the educate-your-customer approach to selling. He has a lot of good things to say and research to back up his claims. He’s worth checking out.

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Kim @ Cook It Allergy Free July 17, 2010 - 5:15 am

I am so not kidding that i just said to my husband that I was going to start making my own deodorant! My old chemical-free stuff has just not been cutting it in this 100+ heat lately! I am TOTALLY going to make this (I will keep you posted)!!!
Perfect timing, my friend! ;0)

Heidi Kelly July 18, 2010 - 1:21 pm

Hi Lexie! This is the first time visiting your blog and I am tickled about the idea of making homemade (safe) deodorant! I love this kind of stuff and have begun to make my own body scrubs (pretty much using the same ingredients in different proportions). Thank you so much for sharing this and I look forward to being a regular reader of your blog and meeting you at the IFBC in August!

All the best,


Hi there Heidi! Yes, I look forward to IFBC!!! So I have been using this deodorant for almost 2 weeks and it is still working. Even spent 4 hours hoeing (how on earth do you spell that?) at the farm and still no BO. 🙂 I could use a muscle ache bath salt soak, though. Maybe you could whip me up some! Love your site, too!

Maggie July 19, 2010 - 2:11 pm

Hey girl – And now I love you even more (who knew that was possible!). They only ingredient I don’t have is cocoa butter – but I’ll get some and try this! You’re so funny Lexi. I’m glad to see the deodorant passed the ho test. HAHA! Couldn’t resist. I might hitch hike to IFBC so I can see you and Heidi.

Nancy @ The Sensitive Pantry July 22, 2010 - 8:30 pm

This is really cool! I’m sending the link to my sister – who relies on me to pass on all cool blog posts. Hey, storing it in the fridge might be the way to go especially during the dog days of summer.

Tia July 26, 2010 - 8:44 pm

What a great idea. Both my husband and I are so sensitive to deodorants, we can’t even use most of the natural ones. This will be great to try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I found your site through Kim at Cook It Allergy Free. I love finding new blogs to read. I can’t wait to check the rest of yours out.

Tia 🙂

Heather October 24, 2010 - 7:11 am

This is an interesting idea, I started using Tom's because I loved the smell of it and like that it was all natural. When I am out of that one, I will definitely try this out. It seems like it will work plus doesn't making your own stuff end up being cheaper in the long run?

Lexie October 24, 2010 - 5:30 pm

Hi Heather! Upfront you spend some $$ on supplies, but those supplies will make many batches. Let me know if you try it. Tom's of Maine does smell good but it never did the job of keeping the bacteria … which causes smelly pits, at bay. TMI 🙂


Jocelyn January 5, 2011 - 2:32 am

I tried this last night…was out of Shea Butter, so I used a little extra cocoa butter…might seem obvious, but it didn't work 🙂 It got too hard…I didn't have an old dispenser, so I just put it in a pot, and no go. It might would be ok in a dispenser if you rubbed and rubbed!


Jocelyn … It got super hard because cocoa butter is rock hard when cool. Shea butter remains fairly soft at room temp. Don't throw it out, just get more shea butter and when you do, remelt what you have and add the amount of shea butter plus some. No shea butter? Then try more coconut oil.

For this recipe, proportions are important : ) Trust me, I ran into the same thing making lip gloss and used way too much bee's wax and I practically ripped of my lower lip trying to apply it.


Stephanie April 25, 2011 - 9:30 pm

Thanks for the idea! I have used baking soda with amazing success, but after a while it started irritating my skin, so its time to try something new!

June Scott June 2, 2011 - 3:48 pm

My friend sent me a link to this post a few months ago… we went in together on the ingredients and I *finally* had a chance to make a batch last week – I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting a "little something unexpected!"

Angela January 30, 2012 - 4:47 pm

Hi. Can't wait to try this! How does it fair as an antiperspirant?

Lexie January 30, 2012 - 8:17 pm

Angela, it does not protect from "wetness" … so it's not an antiperspirant. But for me, it keeps the smellies at bay. If I skip it, guaranteed I will smell by noon! It really works for me. xoLexie

Jen June 27, 2012 - 5:39 pm

I so just posted this on my blog! Sounds like a great idea and I am looking forward to trying this! Thank you.

Gaby @A Crafty Gourmet October 1, 2012 - 5:22 pm

I'm allergic to cocoa butter. What can I substitute for it?

Jenn May 27, 2013 - 5:06 pm

I have been thinking about making my own deodorant and came across this link through a post on The Nourished Life. I already make a skin lotion for myself and my boys with some of these ingredients. I love how it makes our skin feel. I can't wait to try this deodorant recipe!

Shonda August 29, 2014 - 12:51 pm

I tried this recipe last night because I wanted a deodorant without bees wax. I noticed the bees wax was leaving a yellow, waxy residue on my clothes. My finished product last night doesn't go on smoothly. It kinda crumbles, comes off clumpy. Any sugestions?

Lexie August 29, 2014 - 8:03 pm

Shonda, Sounds like it could use a little more shea butter? Melt 1-2 tablespoons then stir in the deodorant you have already made and gently heat until liquid, stir and pour back into the jar. Spot on measuring is key 🙂 xoLexie

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