Balance Hormones Naturally With Diet


At 46 I am certainly feeling, and experiencing, the effects of some seriously shifting hormones. Here is how I work to balance hormones naturally.


A Hormone Imbalance Can be Freaky Scary

I haven’t talked about it here much, but it’s high time I did. At the beautiful age of 46 I am certainly feeling, and experiencing, the effects of some seriously shifting hormones. At times it has been freaky scary. At other times I’ve wanted to scream, “I am too young for this!” 

A scary part?

Last fall I was plagued with premature ventricular contractions (PVCs)—five a minute for 24-hour periods, unexplained bouts of terrible anxiety, and an inability to recover from workouts.

The “I’m too young for this” part?

My weight is getting harder and harder to keep in check and muscle tone is heading south—in all parts!

These Shifting Hormones

A wee bit concerned, I got with my functional doctor. A saliva test revealed tanked testosterone and my doc pegged “hormonal imbalance” as the root of my ailments. The adaptogens and DHEA she prescribed seemed to help. We were getting somewhere!

Balance Hormones Naturally

At about the same time, the lovely Dr. Sara Gottfried published her book The Hormone Reset Diet. From a functional perspective, it was just the book I needed at just the right time—preaching a hormone balancing protocol founded on diet, supplementation and exercise.

Dr. Sara’s book is a complement to live hormone reset and detox events she hosts online each year. This Spring I participated in my first reset and it totally helped me to get my diet back on track, educated me on the changes my body was going through, and helped me feel like I wasn’t the only one in a little boat on a raging sea of hormones. This Fall I detoxed again and dropped 8 pounds of pudginess in 3 weeks.

Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Hormone Reset & Detox

To learn all about Dr. Sara’s Hormone Reset & Detox and how it works, head over to Dr. Sara’s site.

If this is something you feel compelled to do, here are a few notes:

  • Know that this takes some preparation and discipline.
  • You will be adding a pound of vegetables a day to your diet.
  • You will be upping your fiber—so be prepared for some fun GI stuff!
  • You may discover some food sensitivities as you eliminate and reintroduce certain foods.
  • I buy the Basic Detox Kit  (1 chocolate shake, 1 vanilla shake, 1 fiber, 1 box detox essential supplement packets)
  • There is a Facebook-like forum on the detox site that we can all connect in to keep each other motivated and encouraged.
  • Once registered, look me up in the online forum under Alex Croft or Alexa Croft (they glitched up my name) and send me a friend request letting me know you learned about the detox here on my site.
  • Investment? $107 to join the detox + around $170 (with discount) for the Detox Shake Kit.

Know that I am here to support and cheer you on should you choose to balance hormones naturally. Let me know if you have any questions. I do not receive any compensation from you taking part in this detox. I just believe in it.

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