Stress Coping Skills for Positive Change

by Alexa

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or stuck? Do you struggle with guilt, saying “no” and the pressures of life? You need Sticky Strategies—relationship and stress coping skills for positive change.


In the Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote,

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Written for the battlefield in 5th century B.C., much of Sun Tzu’s insight can be applied to modern life—in particular to the enemies within, and without, which undermine our calm, confidence and connection with loved ones.

Enemies are not always people. More often, they are unhelpful habits, thoughts and attitudes that cause harm and destruction in the inner most parts of our mind, body and spirit. Like parasites, they can cling to us for years, even a lifetime, wreaking havoc on our wellbeing and sucking the life out of our relationships.

The enemies I speak of walk among us disguised as guilt, negativity and “shoulds.” They are the distractions that keep us from focusing on what’s important. They are the things that make us “so busy.” They are the reactions that cause our blood pressure to rise. They are found in the choices we make that leave us overwhelmed, exhausted and stuck.

We say we are fine. But are we really? Are we living our lives in the way we would wish our children to live theirs or do we tell them to do as we say rather than as we do? Are we demonstrating peace, joy and contentment?

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted what do you do? If we do what we’ve always done, we keep getting the same results. But what if we were armed with coping skills and strategies that could easily turn stressful, difficult and sticky situations into positive ones?


You Gotta Have Skills


Skills and strategies are what Brisbane-based psychotherapists Roxanie Lebsanft and Laurie Morrison specialize in. For a combined 20 years, this duo has helped women who lack essential strategies for managing emotions and communicating effectively.

“I cannot tell you how many women struggle with good stress coping skills. We talk to them every day and see the domino effect their struggle to cope has on their family and relationships,” says Laurie“Awareness and strategies are the two things we need to successfully identify and eradicate the enemies that undermine our wellbeing and our relationships.”

Roxanie and Laurie want every woman to know that it doesn’t have to be so hard and that you can ward off those stress and guilt monsters! To make the professional help they offer affordable and available to all, Roxanie and Laurie developed Sticky Strategies.


Sticky Strategies


Sticky Strategies — Get the first 3 weeks FREE

Bare Hands Sticky Strategies is a program that will kick start positive change in your life. Roxanie and Laurie have collected the best, most transformative exercises they use in their practice and have packaged them in an affordable 12-week boot camp. Each week a short and entertaining tutorial video is delivered to your inbox along with a worksheet and strategy card highlighting that week’s practical strategy.

Sticky Strategies Gives You:

  • A series of 12 short and entertaining videos, each focused on a practical strategy
  • A downloadable card and worksheet for each strategy, with notes and tips
  • An interactive eBook to keep so that you can revisit strategies and practice them after completing the 12-week program
  • New perspectives on some old ideas, with progressive learning along the way
  • The means to make some really big changes in your life
  • All from the comfort of your home

This is For You If You’d Like to:

  • Discover more time for self-care
  • Find the confidence to say “No” when you want to
  • Build more connection with the ones you love
  • Worry less about what might happen
  • Learn how to beat back the guilt monster


A Sneak Peek

What I Learned From the Sticky Strategies

Having recently completed the 12-week Sticky Strategies program, I can vouch for its effectiveness at teaching interpersonal, self-care and stress coping skills. Since finishing the program, my mind has turned time and time again to practical tips like:

  • Tuning my “search beam” to hunt for positives
  • Putting my ears on
  • Removing that certain word from my vocabulary

The strategies work and I would love for you to try them—here’s a way you can!

A Special Offer For You

Roxanie and Laurie’s would like to share the first 3 Sticky Strategies with you at no cost. If you find them helpful and would like to explore the remaining 9 Sticky Strategies, you will be invited to do so for a super reasonable $35(US). When you think about it, $35 is a fraction of the cost of a single visit to a therapist! I would seriously consider this stress coping skills offer if you are ready to break free of old habits, thoughts and attitudes—without breaking the bank! START YOUR FREE 3 WEEK STICKY STRATEGY TRIAL.


“Thank you for the Sticky Strategies series. I’m really glad for the thoughts and practices it prompts. When I was a teacher our Ministry of Education did a major review/audit of what it called “Best Practices.” They interviewed teachers known for their successes and then published their ‘best practices’ in the hopes that less successful teachers would learn and see that best practices aren’t that difficult, once you put an effort into it they are self-rewarding!! The Bare Hands team has taken ‘best practices’ and streamlined them, making them so user-friendly and enjoyable. Roxy does a great job with the clips. I grin through most of them . . . the dog ears for ‘Listen First’ really did me in this week. . . and the supporting pages are well written, succinct and yet very helpful. I look forward to the delivery ‘ping’ as it lands in my mailbox each week. —Michelle, A Mother of 3

Sticky Strategies provides brief but meaningful reminders of some of the many techniques and perspectives known to enhance one’s sense of wellbeing. Helping people focus on what matters is a most welcome contribution from the professionals at Bare Hands. Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Author of Depression is Contagious and Breaking the Patterns of Depression

Time for Positive Change?

By applying the simple strategies in the Sticky Strategy series, you can turn the tide on the stress, positively impact the relationships you hold so dear, gain back more balance and build greater resilience to the challenges of daily living. Dare to believe in a better future and care enough to be the change you want to see. Make the investment in you! Try Sticky Strategies FREE today.


About The Bare Hands Project

The Bare Hands Project was founded by Laurie Morrison and Roxanie Lebsanft, two experienced allied health care practitioners who saw an urgent need to help women develop stress coping skills and and improve relationships. Their educational programs support positive change and give you strategies to experience more calm, resilience and confidence. Learn more about their mission and programs at


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